The Australia China OBOR Initiative

The Australia China OBOR Initiative, is a not-for-profit and non-government organisation.

It is an engagement platform that enables Australian and Chinese industry leaders to articulate clear business opportunities available through China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) Strategy.

What is the Australia-China One Belt One Road Initiative (ACOBORI)?

ACOBORI was established to provide a vital link for Australian industries and professions to focus on identifying and pursuing cooperation opportunities with Chinese enterprises regardingthe Belt and Road Initiative through:

  • Facilitating an industry education and engagement program between Australian and Chinese industry;

  • Taking a leadership role in engaging Australian and Chinese leaders assisting business and government in a dialogue, to help establish the relevance of the One Belt One Road to Australian industry;

  • Producing and publishing practical guidance about the application of the Belt and Road Initiative to Australian industry; and

  • Supporting the cultivation of One Belt One Road projects that are likely to be significant to key sectors of Australian industry and professional services.

These activities will enable industry and professional services in Australia to gain a practical understanding of investment and service pathways presented by the Belt and Road Initiative.

In doing so, ACOBORI will contribute to the following objectives:

  • Australian industry and professional service leaders are more aware of and better educated about the Belt and Road Initiative.

  • Pathways for collaboration between Australian and Chinese businesses under the Belt and Road Initiative are better understood.

  • The relevance of Australian industry and professional services to the Belt and Road Initiative is recognised by key Chinese decision-makers.

Industries that have been identified as strategically important to the execution of OBOR include:


An OBOR priority, aiming to improve the interconnectivity of China’s infrastructure construction plans to form an infrastructure network connecting all sub-regions in Asia, and between Asia, Europe and Africa.

Financial & Professional Services:

The implementation of OBOR will require significant foreign investment and the cooperation of numerous OBOR partner countries, with consideration given to appropriate funding structures such as financing, bonds, insurance, asset management and professional services.

Energy & Resources:

The rising level of energy consumption worldwide requires more reliable and efficient energy markets and infrastructure which is a focus of OBOR. Through OBOR, transportation, financing and infrastructure will be improved in a bid to promote sustainable energy and resources cooperation between countries.

Health Care:

There are considerable opportunities in the health care field in China and are applicable to OBOR partner countries. These opportunities are arising from the swelling ageing population, rapid urbanisation, the expansion of the middle class and reforms to the healthcare sector.


OBOR provides a platform for China and partner OBOR countries to share agricultural practices and technology; enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of resource inputs in a sustainable manner; and foster mutually beneficial agricultural cooperation.

Advanced Manufacturing:

China aims to further enhance cooperation with partner countries along the OBOR to build regional advanced manufacturing sectors that are focused on innovative technology, talent development and global connectivity.


Investment and operation of efficient and secure cross-border e-commerce platforms are understood to be a critical driver for the trade and mutual prosperity of China and countries along the OBOR.

Cultural Tourism & Education:

There are nearly 500 sites of world cultural and natural heritage located along OBOR routes, representing more than half of established sites around the world. OBOR presents an opportunity for these rich cultural and artistic heritage areas to be promoted and protected.

Our Activities

Industry Engagement Program:

Leading an industry education and engagement program between Australian and Chinese industry

Report Publications:

Producing and publishing practical guidance about the application of OBOR to Australian industry

Forum & Events:

Directing an OBOR events program, between key Chinese decision makers and Australian and Chinese industry leaders

Bilateral Engagement Program:

Building and strengthening relationships with key OBOR decision-makers and other relevant representatives of the Chinese government, regarding ACOBOR industry engagement program findings


  • Australian industry leaders are more aware of and are better educated about OBOR

    • Pathways for collaboration between Australian and Chinese businesses, under OBOR, are recognised and understood

      • The relevance of Australian industry to the OBOR is recognised by key Chinese decision-makers

      Our Team

      Jean Dong

      Executive Director

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      Jean Dong

      Executive Director
      Felicity Ford


      Felicity Ford

      Mark Wu


      Mark Wu

      Gemma Cooper


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      Gemma Cooper

      Xu Wang

      Research Associate

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      Xu Wang

      Research Associate

      Advisory Board

      Hon. Andrew Robb MP

      The Hon Andrew Robb AO

      Malcolm Broomhead

      Chairman -Orica Limited
      Director -BHP Billiton Limited
      Chairman -Plc, Asciano Limited

      Dr Liu Jian Xing

      Director -International Cooperation Center, National Development & Reform Commission

      Dr. Shuaihua Wallace

      Managing Director -International Center for Trade and Sustainable Development China

      David Olsson

      Chairman – Australian Renminbi Working Group
      Consultant – King & Wood Mallesons

      Paul Cooper

      Chairman -Normal Disney and Young
      Chairman -Gane Energy & Resources Pty Ltd (GEAR) and Gane Energy & Resources (China) Limited
      Former Non-Executive Director -AXA Asia Pacific Holdings Ltd (AXA APH)

      Prof. Wei An Li

      President & Chancellor -Tianjin University of Finance & Economics.

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